About Me

I’m glad you’re here to check out my story, because I love to tell it! After losing 50 lbs. on a ketogenic diet, I’ve maintained my weight loss with a low carb lifestyle (including during pregnancy and postpartum) since 2013, and I’ve been a weight loss coach and life coach since 2017.

I struggled my entire life with my weight, but particularly after reaching my peak weight after a long season of depression, I decided to try a low carb diet. I planned for it to be a short term solution, but once I felt the freedom from food compulsion, increased energy, clearer thoughts, eliminated digestive issues, and more, I knew that even once I reached my goal weight I would want to make it a forever lifestyle!

I always say keto’s not the only way to lose weight, but it’s definitely the most satisfying! I’ve tried it all – counting calories, points, food journals, apps, and I’ve even spent a few years as a vegetarian and then vegan. Keto made weight loss easy and enjoyable for me because I could stop being hungry and stop the dang counting! Man, I look back and grieve the wasted brain space and self-focus all of that counting took up when I could’ve been present with the people I love.

I have 15+ years of experience and education in counseling and coaching. I earned my master’s degree in life coaching from Regent University, I completed my ketogenic nutrition training through the American Nutrition Association, and I’m an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation, the most reputable coaching organization in the world. I’m also a multipassionate reiki master, yoga instructor, and psychedelic retreat facilitator. I coach more expansively than just Self-Care Keto coaching. I’m also a Healing Intelligence coach where I focus on helping women heal their relationship with food, body, money, and faith, and I’m a Spirit-Led Entrepreneurship coach where I help women to receive abundance through understanding and using their spiritual gifts.

But more than that, I’m a real person, just like you! I’m a wife and a mama, and I wear a size 6. I’m still working toward becoming the best version of myself too, but it’s out of love for myself – no longer self-hatred or shame – and I’m healthy, grateful, and content.

The reason I’m so passionate about weight loss coaching is because it creates a domino effect in your life of the passionate pursuit of how much better you can feel and how much more you can like your life. 

Starting my self-care journey with taking great care of myself through what I was eating was just the beginning of me creating a life I love and no longer need to numb out from.

The confidence (self-trust) I gained opened up a portal of dropping old beliefs and bringing in new beliefs that allowed me to start my own business, set healthy boundaries, bring healing to myself and others, make beautiful new life-giving adult friendships, be the kind of mom I always dreamed I’d be, take trips with my husband around the world, and most recently, even taking life-changing psychedelic trips.

The best way to get to know me better is to listen to the Self-Care Keto podcast. I’m always sharing my latest passions, personal growth and spiritual downloads there.

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I can’t wait to get to know you and to help you find the same freedom and better health I have found through eating keto. So what are you waiting for? Let’s talk! Just fill out the form below to get connected.

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