are you ready to actually enjoy your weight loss journey?

ready to stop hiding out from your life and have the confidence to live it to the fullest?

ready to rewire your brain out of self-sabotage and into self-care?

Welcome to The Keto Fit! I’m Jess.

I help women lose weight with a keto diet and a self-care mindset.

I believe that when women experience the confidence-building catalyst of weight loss, it creates a domino effect that helps us to become the best versions of ourselves in all areas of our lives.

You only have one life and you deserve to live it to the fullest, and that’s the real purpose behind getting to a healthy weight. I would be honored to help you in the journey! Please take a look around to learn more about me and my coaching services.

Also be sure to check out my exciting new resource, The Self-Care Keto Guided Mindset Journal.

I can’t wait to connect with you!


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“Everyday, Jess encouraged me, cheered me on, and made me feel great about this lifestyle change. Every victory of mine felt as if it was a victory of hers; she was always excited for me!”

“Jess has really helped me understand food! She was able to help me find great alternatives to things that I love but that weren’t necessarily healthy for me. She’s also very available through text to help me when I’m wondering about something or having a craving!”

“This experience was amazing and definitely more than what I expected! Weight loss was just a portion of the overall goal. After coaching, I am more aware of how I need to love myself.”

“This program was honestly a life-changer for me. This program unveiled truths about my relationship with food and also equipped me with the resources I needed to put myself in control of my actions. I have lost almost 9 inches, and most importantly, I have gained the confidence and knowledge to continue on this journey of weight loss, with healthy boundaries and a healthy self-view!”

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