ELLYN, age 54 – “Jess is so encouraging, especially through plateaus and disappointments! I value her knowledge and experience!”

MEGAN, age 34 – “Jess has really helped me understand food! She is very knowledgeable on what foods help fuel your body best and how they affect the body. She was also able to help me find great alternatives to things that I love (like ice cream!!!) but that weren’t necessarily healthy for me. She also has given me great resources from menus and alternative recipes. She’s also very available through text to help me when I’m wondering about something or having a craving!”

MISTIE, age 42 – “This experience was amazing and definitely more than what I expected! Weight loss was just a portion of the overall goal. After coaching, I am more aware of how I need to love myself just because I am a child of God and not because of what I weigh or what size clothes I wear!”

NICOLE, age 23 – “You know those ‘once in a lifetime’ people? Jess is one of them! If you don’t know what I mean, let me explain. I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with Jess, who has laughed with me, encouraged me, and ultimately helped me on many different levels. Jess always has the brightest smile on her face and the most genuine words flowing out of her mouth. While being poured into, Jess quickly became someone I trusted with personal obstacles I face in life, one of those obstacles being PCOS. Jess made herself available for questions I had about a keto diet, and she had a whole lot of patience for all those questions! Everyday, Jess encouraged me, cheered me on, and made me feel great about this lifestyle change. Every victory of mine felt as if it was a victory of hers; she was always excited for me! I’ve met many people who say ‘I love to help people’ but I’ve never met anyone I see walk this out every. single. day. EVERY DAY!” 

LAURA, age 64 – “My work with Jess has been much more interesting and more satisfying than I expected. Jess takes a very holistic approach to her work. Jess has really helped me maintain perspective on how all aspects of my life can influence my health/nutrition choices. She keeps things light with her daily motivational texts and she makes room in our conversations for tackling the more difficult topics. Jess asks all the right questions to help me maintain, or regain, my focus on what I need to do to stay present and live my life in alignment with my values.”

CYNDI, age 37 – “This program was honestly a life-changer for me. My experience was one of a great deal of personal reflection and growth. Jess was very deliberate about getting to the root cause of why I had used food to console myself. This program unveiled truths about my relationship with food and also equipped me with the resources I needed to put myself in control of my actions, in regard to food but also in other life practices. Her service provides you with knowledge of the body, and how eating a low-carb diet can melt away fat, while reducing inflammation. I went into this service with a lot of aches, pain, circulatory problems, and downright depression, all linked to inflammation from my diet and weight. I have lost weight, almost 9 inches, and most importantly, I have gained the confidence and knowledge to continue on this journey of weight loss, with healthy boundaries and a healthy self-view! I can honestly say now, that where I lacked healthy boundaries with food, whether because of ignorance or self-control, I now feel like I have what it takes to succeed!”